March 16

Please support campaign to overturn unfair increases in probate fees

To deal with a person’s estate it is usually necessary to obtain a Grant of Probate where the estate exceeds £50,000 in value and it may be required for smaller estates in some circumstances. The current fee payable to obtain the Grant of Probate is £155 if the application is made through a solicitor, or £215 if made personally.

July 1

Inheritance tax net catching greater numbers; what you need to know

Planning your finances can be far from straightforward. It is often said that the more money you have, the more you have to worry about, and this is no more true than when deciding how best to leave your hard earned assets to friends and family, whether this be on death or during your lifetime.

However, it is not a headache which just affects the wealthiest in society. Increasingly the inheritance tax net is catching people with more modest estates. For example in 2011-2012 inheritance tax was charged against almost 16,000 estates, but if the current tax thresholds remain the same then by 2020 this figure is expected to rise to 56,100. The reason for this upsurge is due mainly to the forecasted increase in house prices, which will push up the value of what people own.

June 29

JC Solicitors team up to support the Alton Victorian Cricket Tournament

It’s been 33 years since the first ball was bowled at the annual Alton Victorian Cricket Tournament, and this much-loved local event has gone on to raise over £30,000 for local charities.

Always willing to support local charity events, the team from JC Solicitors turned out at this year’s event to watch 9 local teams dressed in Victorian and period dress bat it out on the hallowed turf at The Butts.

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