Collaborative Law

Working collaboratively is an option available to separating couples to resolve issues arising from their separation, in particular relating to divorce, money/property, and children.

It allows a separating couple to remain amicable and in control of the process to reach an outcome that works best for them and their family.

Each person appoints a collaboratively trained lawyer and meets with them separately. Your lawyer can provide legal advice and information about what to expect from the collaborative process and discuss whether this is right for you.

You and your respective lawyers would have a brief telephone meeting and then you all get together in face to face “four-way meetings” to discuss matters and start to work things out. Your lawyer provides you with support and legal advice during these meetings. There is also an option to include neutral professionals in the meetings to assist with discussions and decisions.

For example, a family consultant can help you communicate more effectively, minimise conflict and provide you with emotional support whilst you navigate your way through the separation. A financial planner can bring figures to life and help you see how your future will look financially and provide you with options on how to achieve the best outcome for you both.

This out of court resolution option gives separating couples an opportunity to find the best solution by agreement, rather than through court proceedings. It is not driven by an imposed timetable, avoids delays, and allows separating couples to build this process and any timetable around their individual needs and the needs of the family.

You will feel in control of the process, discussions, negotiations, and outcomes for your family. The collaborative option reduces the stress and animosity of a separation by avoiding the court process and allows you to come to an agreement amicably between you both in a safe and supportive environment.

Once an agreement is reached, either of the appointed collaborative lawyers will draft and prepare a financial consent order (if there is a divorce), separation agreement or parenting plan setting out the agreement you have both reached.

How much will legal assistance with the collaborative process cost?

If you’re seeking assistance with regard to collaborative law or other out of court resolutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a free initial telephone consultation with no obligation. During this initial meeting, we will familiarise ourselves with your case, provide signposting if necessary and discuss the services we are able to provide you and fees, so that you have a full understanding of what your costs will likely be from the outset.

Please note, our free initial appointment is a consultation service where we signpost our services for you. If advice is required, this will be chargeable at the rates discussed in your initial consultation.

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