Services for you and your family

Visiting a solicitor can be a daunting experience for many. For most people it can be the first time that they have ever had to look for legal advice at a time when they can feel very vulnerable.

At JC Solicitors we hope our approach will put you instantly at ease. We offer an extremely welcoming service from staff with a caring approach, a listening ear and a cup of tea!

Our aim is to provide you and your family with the best possible practical legal advice that is tailored to your own particular needs and circumstances. We strongly believe that in order to understand you we need to listen to you; simple yet very effective.

Whatever life throws your way you can trust JC solicitors to offer clear and practical advice in language that you can easily understand.

We offer free 30-minute consultations where you can tell us what your needs are without being concerned about costs.

We offer fixed fees wherever we can so that you can budget accordingly. We also offer free home visits for those who can’t make it to us and are open on Saturday mornings too.

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