Civil partnership

Civil Partnership is a legal relationship, exclusively for same-sex couples, giving comparable rights as those enjoyed by married heterosexual couples.

Couples in same sex partnership have been able to have their relationships legally recognised since December 2005 when the Civil Partnership Act came into force. The Civil Partnership Act enables couples to register their relationships through a formal civil ceremony, which must take place in England and Wales and may not be in a religious building.

Couples in a civil partnership have the legal status of married couples (including the tax benefits) and take on various rights and responsibilities.

The legal consequences of a civil partnership are significant. Before entering into a civil partnership, it is advisable to take legal advice on the consequences. At JC Solicitors, we can advise on all aspects of Civil Partnership, including any provisions for Will and inheritance planning.

If you or your partner has a Will this will be invalid when you enter a civil partnership. Even if your present Will(s) leaves all property to the other partner, the Will will no longer be valid. If new Wills are not drawn up following the civil partnership, to include the other partner as a beneficiary, either partner can sue the other’s estate.

We can also advise on the legal process should a civil partnership come to an end. The dissolution of a civil partnership and the financial provision upon dissolution broadly reflects the same provisions as divorce, however there are some significant differences and therefore it is important to seeking legal advice on the process and effects of dissolution.

How much will legal advice regarding civil partnership cost?

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