February 11

Pre-nuptial agreements, just for the rich and famous?

Getting married in Chichester, Alton or the surrounding areas this year? Will a pre-nuptual agreement be part of your wedding planning? If you think pre-nuptual agreements are just for the rich and famous, then think again. Whilst you’re planning your lives together, a pre-nup can be a beneficial legal document when settling your finances should the marriage break down in the future.

Historically, pre-nuptial agreements (also referred to as pre-marital agreements) have often been thought of as a contract for the rich and famous. We will all be familiar with celebrity divorces where the press have highlighted both the existence and non – existence of pre-nuptial agreements. As a result of this, prior to the last decade, the presence of a pre-nuptial agreement would only tend to enter the headlines if it was (a) a very public divorce of a rich and famous couple and (b) geographically tended arise from outside of the UK jurisdiction.