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Disclaimer for JC Solicitors
The information contained in this email is confidential and is intended for the use only of the addressee. It may also be legally privileged. Any unauthorised dissemination or copying of this email and any use or disclosure of information contained in it, is strictly prohibited and may be illegal. JC Solicitors will not take responsibility for any changes made to this email or any attachment after it was sent or for any viruses transmitted through this email or any attachment. JC Solicitors may monitor incoming and outgoing emails, to the extent permitted by law. Service by email is not accepted.

Please be aware of internet fraud and cybercrime. Always telephone the solicitor dealing with your case to check bank details before transferring any money. Please note that we will not send you any emails with a change of bank details. We will not take responsibility if you transfer money to an incorrect bank account. A phishing email may contain a fraudulent email address or phone number for JC Solicitors Ltd, therefore you must be vigilant to check with us. Similarly, we will telephone you for confirmation of your bank details before sending monies to you.