Jan 21

I’m moving house. Do I need a solicitor or a conveyancer?


Licensed conveyancers and solicitors are both highly competent professionals but when it comes down to completing the legal work required by home buyers and sellers, what is the difference?

  • A solicitor is a qualified lawyer in many aspects of law, and can offer full legal services such as taking someone to court.
  • A licensed conveyancer is specialised in the legalities surrounding buying and selling property in England and Wales.
  • Licensed conveyancers are regulated by the CLC (Council of Licensed Conveyancers) who define ‘ licensed conveyancer’ as follows:- “a specialist property lawyer qualified in all aspects of property law in England and Wales.”
  • Solicitors are Regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) and the Law Society.
    A conveyancing solicitor is a solicitor who has chosen to specialise in property legal work or property law (commercial or residential).

Licensed conveyancer are also Commissioners for Oaths, which means they have legal authority to administer and witness official documents e.g. affidavits to swear that a statement is the truth. They can also sign your passport photos!

In practice there is not much to distinguish conveyancing solicitors from licensed conveyancers. In essence, both carry out the legal work and both can act for buyers, sellers and lenders.

A licensed conveyancer provides exactly the same service to clients that a conveyancing solicitor provides.

So if you are still wondering who is capable of doing the job – the answer is both!

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